12 May 2012

i am moms to be

hello people.

Ferdaus n me are nearly turn 2..ouh rasa sekejap masa berlalu ; penantian kami juga sudah berhasil where now i am preggy for our first baby :) my baby turn 15 weeks already. 
My stomach is grow bigger just to accomodate my baby comfortly.. and im very happy.. 

a few things have change.. my body, mood, my appetite n feeling..
badan saya more chubby sebab mkn banyak dan selera yang x terkawal.. 
mood saya yg berpusing2 dan x menentu always cause a little silly fighting... 
and im lucky to have a very understanding hubby in da werld :)

as my stomach is growing, my ferdaus shopping bnyak baju baru for me, seluar yg selesa, kasut yg bagus, suplemen yg elok and also susu yg terpaksa diminum... I can see his face dat he's very happy with all this thing. almost 2 years kami tunggu saat mcm ni. Syukur alhamdulillah rezeki kami hari ini.. 
insyaAllah, we'll become a parents on our twenties..
pray for us everyone :)

luvs, yanie

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